A Few Words About Us

Dedicated to promoting the Lompoc Valley and the prosperity of all businesses in the community through a unified organization

The Lompoc Chamber is an association of over 400 member businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals committed to promoting and maintaining a strong economy and quality of life in the Lompoc Valley. We are located in downtown Lompoc at 111 South I Street, on the second floor. We are open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We have two conference rooms available for meetings - contact us for rental information or download the conference room use policy here.

What is a Chamber of Commerce and what does the Chamber do?

It is an organization of business people within the community dedicated to maintaining a favorable business climate and safeguarding the interests of its members. The Chamber accomplishes cooperatively for the individual business enterprise what that business could not achieve alone.

What are the objectives of the Chamber of Commerce?

To advance the economic and socioeconomic well being of the entire area. To assist in general planning and development of the community for the benefit of all. To coordinate programs that give the community the greatest opportunity for orderly growth and prosperity. Our mission statement is "The Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business, which serves as an advocate to promote and add value for all of its members."

History of the Chamber

On March 26, 2003, the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau celebrated its 100th anniversary. It was born the same year the Wright Brothers made a successful flight from Kitty Hawk, N.C.

The Chamber has been a significant force in the history and development of the community and it has been interesting to note that our forefathers had great foresight. In those days, Chambers of Commerce devoted themselves almost exclusively to retail sales but the collaborators who built the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau realized that business would prosper only if the community did, and that the best way to insure this prosperity was to work together as a group in developing the facilities needed to make Lompoc the ideal place to live. To more clearly reflect the nature of business the Board of Directors at their February 1998 meeting changed the name of the organization to the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. The addition of Visitors Bureau to the name also provides additional economic opportunity for the community through access to new visitor related programs.

That philosophy remains intact today as we witness the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau reaching out to the community in dozens of ways ranging from creating jobs and supporting economic development to supporting education, the arts and leadership programs, to name a few.

You Can Be A Chamber Member!

Anyone can become a Chamber member. Businesses, fraternal and social organizations, churches and non-profit groups, of course, may join the Chamber. Individuals may also join as a Civic Member. Civic Members may attend all Chamber functions and serve on any of the Chamber committees, including the Board of Directors.

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